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  • Faith Davie

Still Smiling

I've been training in Saas Fee, Switzerland with the team this week and really enjoyed it despite coming home to Les Arcs slightly battered after falling 3 metres off a wall, getting hit in the face by a volleyball, finding out my car was flat after leaving the lights on and getting some strange allergic reaction after lying down in the grass during a workout... I'd say it's been a bit of a character building week and thankfully no permanent damage has been done - I'm still in one piece and the car was up and running in no time (thanks to the whole team coming out to push it up a hill... it's safe to say I was rather embarrassed and I won't be making the same mistake any time soon).

The actual skiing part of the camp was fantastic, it was my first time in Saas Fee and the atmosphere of the town was somewhat whimsical. I received great feedback from the coaches during the morning training and now have aspects of my skiing that I can work on in the gym as well as on the slopes.

It was also the first chance I got to try my new suit on and actually ski in it, it's a lot comfier and warmer than I had initially expected so hopefully when the winter season comes around I won't freeze in it while waiting around for competitions to start! ...And I looked pretty cool. Bonus.

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