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Fitness Testing @ UTS gym

British Ski and Snowboard sent me to Hoylake near Liverpool to meet the team at the UTS gym for fitness testing on Wednesday and Thursday.

The girls and I completed various tests for different aspects of our fitness on the first day and were also shown around the gym which was set up to look like the underground (Underground Training Station - the clue's in the name). I was pleased to find out the gym wasn't actually underground so it was well lit and had plenty of fire exits... Bargain! 

Jokes aside, it was such a cool place and equipped really well. I could tell that the people who worked there had a real passion for sport and a great science based understanding of fitness and I'm now disappointed because I won't be able to go back there for a couple of months due to my training schedule. However, I did leave with my very own strength and conditioning training programme suited to my specific needs and fitness goals - colour coded and everything. 

We were taken through our programmes and had all questions answered by the fantastic Neil Parsley, co-founder of the UTS and I'm looking forward to working closely with him to improve my fitness levels. I can tell I'm in good hands! 

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