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See you, Saas Fee

After training hard throughout summer and Autumn in Saas Fee, last week it was time to say goodbye to the mountains in Switzerland just as they were starting to feel like home! 

The last training camp was one of the best for me - it had snowed so much that the mountain was closed for our safety but that didn't stop us from skiing! The whole team worked together to build our own pump track out of the snow in the centre of town and we spent the morning with burning legs and a lot of laughs. 

I think I'm going to miss it; even with all the bad weather days and early starts it was still rewarding and being able to train on an actual ski cross course (when the mountain kindly opened!) made it all worthwhile. It's increased my focus ready for the season ahead and prepared me for the first Europa Cup being held in Piztatl in a few weeks. I can't wait! 

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