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Can we redo January?

2019 has set off with a bit of a bumpy start with a mistake in my qualification run at the French National Championships which landed me in 16th position in Val Thorens. You win some, you lose some. On a brighter note I've had the pleasure of visiting Villars in Switzerland to compete in the Europa Cup where I managed 13th place along side world cup athletes who were also competing. We've had a much needed dumping of snow in the Alps over the past 2 weeks so that's given us a good base for the rest of the season and a big playground ready for the next instalments of the Europa Cup circuit. However, it did mean that I had to put chains on the Faithmobile for the first time in order to get up the hill to our accommodation in Switzerland and even then it was so steep and snowy that I ended up skidding down the hill towards the trees with my friends chasing me. Thankfully I found it hilarious and I'm still alive so there's no harm done! Anyway, unfortunately earlier this week I got food poisoning or some sort of stomach bug (who knows which one... it wasn't pretty) so I had to miss my races in VT on Thursday and Friday. It's really disappointing but stuff like this happens and all I can do is prepare for my competitions in Lenk next week. I really enjoyed the race last season so I'm looking forward to getting on a familiar course and hopefully I'll pull it out of the bag and make up for having to lie in bed last race day! 

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