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Let's hit the road

I've just arrived back from the Swiss National Championships in Hoch Ybrig where I placed 15th. I'm really happy with the result as I didn't expect to go through the first round and it just goes to show that anything can happen in ski cross.

The racing is going well, I've had a few disappointing results (such as missing out on qualification in St Francois by 100th of a second!) but that hasn't stopped me and I've enjoyed the competitions nonetheless.

I've been to Switzerland, France, Germany and the Czech Republic! The last of which I drove 15 hours to get to and must admit I consumed a lot of caffeine over those 2 days and probably drove my teammate round the bend... Excuse the pun but I couldn't help myself.

I did a lot of GS training last month as I know it's something I need to work on. I spent 3-4 hours a day on the race course in Les Arcs during my week off to make some much needed improvements on my technique with the local race club.

I'm feeling more confident as the Europa Cup finals approach after a full season of racing and all the training I've done is slowly paying off.

The finals are being held in Reiteralm in Austria so there will be a very well built technical start which is exciting and I can't wait to get going in just a few days.

It's another long drive away though and will probably take around 12 hours but the destination is certainly worth it.

Hopefully I can make this trip without all the caffeine. Let's hit the road.

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