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Pitztal Europa Cup

That's the first Europa Cup of the season done! I managed to get 37th in the EC and 38th in the Austrian National Championships so I missed out on qualifying by a few places each time. No worries though - I knew these races would have a lot of tough competition as many of the World Cup athletes compete to use it as a warm up race. I was happy with my result as it was a big improvement from last season so I know that I'm definitely moving in the right direction.

It was also a really great week to get some training in and work on my starts as there were two separate starts for the EC and the NC. We were up the mountain very early every day and made the most of the precious course time. Getting the opportunity to train there instead of just in the park or on a GS course is essential and really helps to bring everything together, especially being able to race head to head with the girls.

It was brilliant having the team together before some of them go their separate ways this season to different mountains and race venues. I'll certainly miss all the athletes I've been training with over the past few months but I'm also very excited to be racing with the Europa Cup team this season - it should be fun!

Overall, a good start to the season. I was really looking forward to travelling back to Pitztal this year as it's where this whole ski cross adventure began and also the venue of my first ever FIS race. It was great to be back on the course to see how far I've come this year in my training and I'm certainly a lot more confident on the slopes as well as with myself. I've had a year full of changes and new experiences thrown at me but I've enjoyed every single second of it and I love the way this sport has helped me become a more daring person and enabled me face new challenges with a 'you can't stop me' attitude.

Until next time, Austria.

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